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So, I had kind of an annoying morning and needed comfort food. Laura
had been craving pastrami for a while, so we bundled up and headed out to get a sandwich. The place we wanted to try was closed, which was sort of fine anyway. See, nobody in Pittsburgh seems to really get how a hot pastrami sandwich is supposed to work.

Sure, you can throw a couple slices of pastrami between bread with some cheese and mustard and then toast the whole thing, but why bother? You might as well have made a ham and cheese sandwich -- it's just boring.

What you should do is take a pan with about a quarter inch of boiling water in it over medium heat, drop in your pastrami slices, and steam them for two minutes or so until they're nice and curled up and they smell so good you may die of longing.

Then you whisk out the pastrami, drop it onto a nice heavy split roll, top with a slice or two of swiss, and pop it into a broiler for a bit to melt the cheese.

While the cheese is melting, crank the heat under the pan up to high and boil down the water until it's a thicker sauce of meat drippings and spice, because you don't want to let all of that wonderful flavor go to waste.

When your cheese is melted and the drippings have thickened up, spoon the drippings over the meat half of the sandwich until it's nice and juicy.

Then all that's left is to spread the thing with mustard and eat it.

This is how I grew up eating pastrami, but not once in Pittsburgh has anybody served me anything like this. For a long time I kept ordering hot pastrami sandwiches at restaurants and delis hoping I'd get a nice steamed pastrami, but every time I'd get this sad little thing from a toaster.


Fight boring sandwiches. Steam some pastrami today.

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  1. Finally someone with the same love of pastrami me. So far there are two places I’ve found that make a comforting juicy pastrami and cheese. The first and by far the best pastrami is made at Beefy King in Orlando,FL off Bumby Ave, the second is Engine House Subs in Salem, MA. I grew up on the Beefy King pastrami with extra cheese (they use white american). Yearly I take a trip to Salem and of course my first stop is Engine House for the second best pastrami. Thanks for posting this I have trouble replicating one at home. I usually just add a little water and butter to my frying pan… but it’s not the same, will certainly try this with the slices in the frig. Still on the look out for perfect pastrami sandwich…

  2. I finally got some GREAT pastrami from New York yesterday. After teaching today, I will be steaming it and making some real pastrami sandwiches. In New England, they serve realllly fat, cold pastrami on bread. So every so often when I am teaching in NY, I buy pastrami and bring it back!!!! Yeah- can’t wait.

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