kill vehicle not exoatmospheric, but slightly more plausible


Death ripper, mostly base coated


This is the same Deathripper as before after an hour or so of base-coating work. Still needs cleanup, some more coats, and then all of the shading and highlighting work, but I'm happy with it so far.

The lighting makes it a bit difficult to see the Gnarls Green base for the necrotite furnace against the main Cryx Bane Base layer, but it'll presumably start to pop a bit with some highlighting and washing.

I'm definitely enjoying playing with the new color palette, especially the Blighted Gold; it's a fun change of pace from the clean brass and gold metals of Cygnar and Khador.

Also, even after just an hour or so, I'm amazed at how much more pleasant the sable brushes are to use. Sharp clean lines, minimal slop, fantastic detail precision, and they hold a ton of paint. Totally worth the ludicrous price, and I think I'll slowly be replacing all of my detail and base brushes with sable.

Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be able to get a little shading and washing done on this creepy little bugger — I'll be off at Cigarfest this weekend, so there'll be no painting time there.

I'm already looking forward to getting paint on this guy's big brother the Slayer. This is a bit of a surprise to me, since I'd sort of written Cryx off as the faction I had around just to make quick multiplayer games possible. Now I'm starting to understand what people see in these particular models…

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So I splurged on some brushes

This weekend we went art supply shopping so that Laura and I could pick up supplies to do some color theory exercises, and I impulse bought some stupidly fancy sable brushes:

IMG 1407

I don't want to think about how much I spent on them, but initial experimentation suggests it was totally worth it. They work very well, and I love how they feel in my hand. I will admit that I'm a complete sucker for fancy tools and gadgets, but I'm definitely happy with them so far.

I've been using them for a bit of a faction break from Khador red and Cygnar blue:

IMG 1411

Cryx Deathripper!

It's a completely different color palette than either of the factions I've painted before, plus a very different shape and flow. Since I've been feeling sort of stuck with my units, it's turning out to be a pleasing change of pace. More updates as I, you know, get more than a single color on it.

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New units

In my blogging pause, I also picked up a couple models that I haven't started painting yet.

My favorite of them is probably this guy:

IMG 1371

Jump jets! How can you not love that? It's an awesome model, and on the table it has some cool mobility rules that should be fun to play with.

I also added a set of Kayazy Eliminators and a unit of Windowmaker snipers, but I don't have good pictures of them currently. Also, they'll need to wait until I'm over my unit painting fatigue before I even want to prime them.

Oh, and next-best for last:

IMG 1370

Beast 09! His axe alone is taller than the Minuteman. It's nuts. I'm also really looking forward to seeing what I can do paint-wise with his runes and other nifty details.

Next up on catch-up time, tonight's activity…

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